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  1. Hey Mr.Fruit I got challenge for you, Haunted Hospital. Team 1 Doctors only mercys, team 2 Ghosts reapers or sombras. Reaper and Sombra can't use teleport, Team 1 have no cooldown and damage x2 but Ghosts have hp x3 any map (no ultis) tell me in comments is it good 🙂

  2. Mr Fruit I have a custom for ya!!!

    The Prison Break Heist
    -Map Hollywood
    -Team 1 (the cops)
    2 Torbs with 150% Ult,No armor,No hammer
    2 Soldier with 50% Ult,No helix rocket,No heal
    2 Bastion with no Ulti
    No heal

    Team 2
    -1 Reaper,100% Ult and 120% Abilities
    -1 Sombra,No Abilities,lowest health
    -1 Hog,No Ult,200% Health,200% Abilities
    -1 Junkrat(normal)
    -1 Doomfist(normal)
    -1 Widow,no ult and mine

    Sombra is in the jail and you have to help her to escape
    while the cops will defend the jail.
    When Sombra dies you failed (like the Heist in GTA).
    When sombra escaped,she has to hide and her team has to kill the cops to win.
    The turret spot for the torbs are near the jail. The bastions can't be toghether.
    Edit: Sorry for my bad english.

  3. Mr fruit I have a custom game for ya

    one team is full of guards (mccrees and s76's with infinite ult). the guards have to kill the whole enemy team while standing in one spot while the other team has to run from 1 point of the map to the other

  4. The Anti RHABBYV Team
    Abowlofruit – The fearless leader
    Bluewestilo – Silent but deadly
    Sharktooth – The sharpshooter
    Aaerios – The morale booster
    Versus – The clutch
    Dorkshadow – The wild card

  5. An idea for a custome game is there are six bastions in turret form on one team that set up around the map and then can’t move. There are then five Reinhardts on one team that protect one mercy and they try to get to the enemy spon. Reinhardts have 200 percent should health

  6. Hey Mr.Fruit I have a challenge for you!
    Plants VS. Zombies
    1 team is the plant team and the 2nd team is the zombies (reccomended:6 players) if you are one of the plant team you can choose Roadhog with no abilities Symmetra or Torb. that has only turrets in 5 minutes they have to place their defenses like in the actual game if you are a zombie you can choose Reinhardt with shield and basic attack Lucio that has only basic attack or Orisa that has only basic
    Zombies get to attack when near the turrets when the turrets fail they have to kill Roadhog also reduce tne movement speed of the zombies and Torb. should have unli. scrap if that's possible…
    Pls do this Mr.Fruit!!!

  7. Order 66

    3 genji vs 6 s76, genji is the jedi and can only deflect and melee and dmg buff, the s76 is clonetrooper and have dmg buff but cannot heal and have low health

  8. I have a challenge for you. The Star Wars trench run. 6 bastion and 1 diva vs 6 diva on a payload map. The bastions only have sentinel mode. The divas have less health and limiter defense matrix. The divas have to push up the lane toward the end.

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