33 Replies to “Overwatch | Why Triple Tank Meta Won’t Come Back!”

  1. Two Worlds : Mercy , Junkrat. Why would you play triple tank when you have a junkrat ? Also ana is ok but not really strong so keeping everything in her hands is extremely difficult

  2. Mercy meta was way worse than triple tank imo. Maybe I'm biased because I play a lot of rein/zarya/hog, but at least triple tank rewarded insane ana and roadhog gameplay.

  3. The title seems to suggest that triple tank still isn't viable.
    Last week I did a full hold in a around 3300SR match in Volskaya that made me consider like a nice team comp, with the huge sustain that Ana + Moira are capable.

  4. Triple tank is a good comp and on some maps the most optimal the only thing with triple tank is if a team is triple tank and the other team are a bunch of skill shot characters then the tanks have an opportunity to be simply out played

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