21 Replies to “Overwatch: Unfair Teams FIXED – Longer Queue Times Ahead!?”

  1. Lol it happened to me before..Im q ing 2700sr and what I get is 2 silvers and the other team got full team of plat that is close to diamond 2900 ish its ridiculous I ended up losing over 500sr this season

  2. I’ve had game with 5 Mercy one tricks…I was afk in the hero select so it removed me for inactivity and the game got cancelled. It was super funny and I think someone recorded it too.

  3. I just want to get into matches that are actually competitive. No one wants to be on a really incompatible team, get roflstomped, and have some douche Genji on the other team say “gg ez.” That isn’t competetive it’s just frustrating.

  4. They should make it like League of Legends draft mode. You declare your role before you play and they match you into a proper team. I.G. Declare support and tank or Assault and defense heroes

  5. If I just want to play I go into Quickplay and have some fun there.
    When I queue for Competitive I want a fair fight and not a dice roll on who will win.
    I play a lot less comp in the last two seasons because it is getting more and more frustrating to see your SR bounce back and forth because some people are clearly not in the right rank.
    There has to be a better ranking mechanism and placements need to be reworked entirely.
    I have had way too many matches with people in diamond that don't even know why charging a bastion with reinhardt from far away is a bad idea or trying to 1v1 a symmetra in a corridor that is fully charged.

  6. I would rather wait.
    but i dont see how this "change" is going to fix anything.
    The issue is plain and simple most of the time, to getting people that are all tank mains or support mains, or even a full team of dps mains.
    Should they not instead create a "soft role-queue" where it takes their most played classes and create a VIABLE 2/2/2 team environment, which they could obviously swap out to a different class if they wanted to or NEEDED to. The games SR really doesnt make that much of a difference ANYWAY if the hero pools they have cant create ANY kind of viable team composition.
    Obvious drawbacks will be the beginning of seasons where the matchmaker doesnt have info for that players progression onto different roles, but eventually after having quite a few games played that season beneath your belt would make for a more structured playable environment in terms to the way the game has been balanced.
    Thats what I want to see in competitive. Ofcourse this update WOULD be a good addition. If they did something near what I have proposed before that. The priority of this is backwards. In overwatches current state. This will only make longer queue times without offering any more REAL balancing to the game.

  7. Ok cool. Now get the boosted Bronze players out of Masters and get the hard stuck Masters players out of platinum.
    Rank in this game really doesn't matter between diamond and mid GM. I've met so many players for their respective ranks who shouldn't be there. Positive or negative.

  8. i actually a silver but wants to join gold games because they actually do their roll's job. since i can aim as a dps main, i can maximize my ability with a good team rather than having to hiding for med packs because mercy mains think they can 1v6 6 tanks at a time

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