36 Replies to “Overwatch | THE BEST NEW HERO – Moira’s Launch & Supports Comparison”

  1. Fuck moira fuck the devs fuck the people who likes moira fuck the person who draw her fuck the woman who voiced her fuck kaplan for letting that cocksucking balls gurgling slut become a hero

  2. i can understand why unit lost and the other ow channels have more followers….this dude is just talking like he is sleeping bored as shit anddoes these vids just because of the money haha

  3. the problem with moira is the people that play her. They either pick her even if she doesnt work with the team comp or they are dps mains that insta pick moira and leave support mains to play dps. Its bad

  4. I think with more discussion between player and dev, heroes like Orisa and Doomfist can be helped out- they need buffs. I think if everybody weak in pick rate was buffed to the point of OP, and then nerfed just a little bit, it would put a lot of the game back in balance. Don't nerf Moira, don't nerf Mercy (well, change Mercy, but don't nerf her), and just buff everybody. Give buffs, not nerfs =P

  5. i guess Sombra was not a normal hero when she was released, she has a new kit and new spell in the game (( HACKS )) comparing her with orisa for example is not right, because in terms of difficulty i think she is the most difficult hero to play i like her when she is in my team the hacking is so underrated it's literally could make you win a game , for me i've been playing OW since it was released and the hero that i have most fun with is moira, such a great kit and great character personality .

  6. Moira is OP compared to other healers and flankers. She is too strong against other healers. Her damage and healing is above anna's. and Mercy is still very strong. Either buff: tracer, genji, and anna or nerf moira. I would rather have Moira nerfed and anna buffed. it doesn't feel good when moira gets most damage/elems and most healing in a lot of matches. She should not be top of the charts in both healing and damge. she should be strong in one or the other but not in both. its too strong against flankers. too easy. She can take a phara out of play in a lot of situations, on most maps where there is a cp moira can take down a phara and phara should counter moira not die to her m2.

  7. The tech hop isn't game breaking and makes her more fun when you can actually USE it.

    It's so-so from lowground and terrible with stairs.

    But off of stairs? It's a blast.

  8. Its funny people say she doesnt heal enough. ALL HER UTILITY IS RAW HEALING. If a Moira is not healing "enough", that player is using it wrong. Its fun to go chase and kill with Moira, but shes a support, and thats where people get it wrong.

  9. People think Moira is a troll pick in plat btw, they say she can't heal a lot, when I got gold healing (we had mercy on team btw) they make excuses just to make Moira look bad. I fucking hate this shitty fucking community which always keep complaining. Yeah she got nerfed but that doesn't mean that they removed her ffs. Like one dumbass said that zen can out heal Moira?! Are u idiot?! Fuck this community, the game will be so fun if there was no toxicity in this game I swear. Like I really want to have 1 game, just 1 game with no one blaming the other. Why do I even bother playing this game, I mean if there is other decent games I will play them other than this shit but no. I guess it's time to do the no communication what so ever meta, I will never join vc and mute the chats. That's the only solution I guess to keep me from getting stressed out.

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