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  1. Im confused how a video about a strategy in ranked is causing an uproar in the comments section. Spawn trapping is a legit strat run by pros and is easily counter-able too….

    People calling it bad sportsman ship? What…?

    Im legit confused

  2. Cool vid, wouldn't use this all the time but it does eleviate pressure in game when it comes to the payload or even CP. You should upload another showing how to counter these moves so that everyone has a fair chance

  3. I have seen a team spawn trapped by a bastion with no shield who just sat near a wall aiming at the spawn door. They were calling it toxic when they never realized that swapping to roadhog and throwing your hook to the left would grab him with ease. Spawn trapping is not toxic or against sportsmanship. The easiest way to get out is everyone stop running out together then send your tanks out first with everyone close behind through a different spawn door. You have now gotten out of spawn. Its much more difficult to hold a team in spawn than to get out of the spawn trap. The trappers can't lose a single hero or else it should fall apart.

  4. Why anyone who knows Overwatch would have a moral problem with this is beyond me. Overwatch isn't a standard FPS. This isn't camping, it's putting pressure on the payload to stall for time. It's way riskier than it is rewarding in most instances.

  5. I believe that this is actually a tank guide, for tank vs tank. (not unwanted) On a different note Your Overwatch has one player who plays out of each of the categories (sorry guys I can't remember who plays who). I think this meta now is more about natural synergy with the dps, tanks and healers, and almost every character is viable (except a couple). So could you guys talk about some natural synergies that you have not said before? We know about dive and how it works, but I as a player would like to know when to counter-pick and when to stick to something that is working.

  6. Its amazing how many people in this comment section aren't taking into account the basic mechanics of the game that make spawn trapping, specifically in Overwatch, so easily counterable. 1st of all, you cant be harmed in your spawn so you all the time you need to organize a counter or get a pick if someone gets too close, and all it really takes to counter a spawn trap is the 3 clicks to change your hero to have the advantage in the fight. Then its the other team that has to do the regrouping and counterpicking and the rest unfolds as a usual game of Overwatch. This is very easy to deal with strategy that just happened to be useful and teachable enough to make a video, and is not something that people need to get so tizzied up about.


    There is maybe only one video in YT covering this, and I think all of us console players would like to know how all the strategies and mechanics adapt to consoles.

    Great channel!

  8. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a competitive game, gotta wins those SRs! But also don’t deny this is a cancer strat, and it’s in no way fun to play against. Despite losing, I at least like to have a good game. Playing against this shit, is..ugh. Pretty sure I don’t need to follow this channel anymore.

  9. People just don't understand this game, spawncamping is RISKY, most of the time you have tge advantage if the other team tries to spawncamp you, just play more and learn how to counter other strategies

  10. If the enemy is in your spawn they are at the disadvantage. If you coordinate you can break a spawn trap. If you're team is getting spawn trapped just remember you guys can turn around and literally pick any hero in the game to break the spawn trap.

  11. I don't think it's a scummy strat. It's competitive, do what you need to do to win, with the exception of cheating/hacking. If you're not actually being scummy with aimbot and walls, a W is a W.

  12. srsly though if you can get a hold at the front of the map, forcing the enemy to break 2 defensive holds before they can push the objective to the end, why wouldn't you? i get that spawn-pushing punishes bad coordination but most of the rest of the game does that anyways. it's a legitimate tactic and you need to respect it, it doesn't matter if it's 'scummy', it's not game-breaking and it's a great way to control an objective.

  13. I love how this is referred to as a "Pro Strategy'… There must be a shit tonne of Pro's in bronze and Silver then as this IS their strategy. Normally fails horrifically to long spawn walks back.

  14. People who are complaining about bad sportsmanship. Next time somebody from the enemy team leaves your ranked match, be the better (wo)man and leave yourself. In this way the teams are in equal in numbers again.That would be great sportsmanship.

  15. Wtf, this is what pc players call spawn trapping? On console spawn trapping means you literally can’t leave the spawn without dying. For example a Hanzo trapping a healer in spawn with scatter and sonic arrow.

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