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  1. My friend wasted more than 24 hours grinding for a skin he wanted, the skin was the Val Helsing one, he got really diassapointed that he didn't get the skin after opening lootboxes after lootboxes that were hard earned

  2. The following story is based on true events.
    Reader discretion is advised.

    So at the end of September I got a 1 month ban from PSN for using the n-word in a private chat with a friend.
    That in itself sucked already, but I knew that the Halloween event was gonna happen during that 1 month, which made me even madder.
    But there was nothing I could do, so I just wait.
    Then the skins are revealed and it was then that I first layed eyes on the Van Helsing skin, the objectively best skin in the game.
    I knew I had to have it, but I also knew that that wasn't going to happen this year.
    I only had a day to get the skin and it was a tuesday at that, so I had to go to work as well.
    I'm not wealthy enough to be able to buy lots of lootboxes, so I bought a pack of 10 and hope for the best.
    So I get home and start opening them.
    Box after Box.
    They had some good loot. 2 legendaries in total, the Junkenstein's monster skin and the Industrial skin.
    Not bad.
    But not what I was after either.
    So I had to rely on my arcade loot boxes.
    I start grinding the arcade, open box after box.
    Together with a level up I got doing that, I had a total of 4 new lootboxes, so I begin opening them too.
    Nothing, not even an epic.
    So I accepted my fate.
    It was almost midnight and my next level up was 7k exp points away.
    But I start playing anyway.
    Gotta try something, right?
    So I play about 3 matches or so and Bam!, one more loot box is mine.
    The last Halloween box I would be able to get that year.
    I almost started crying when I saw the golden glow of the Van Helsing skin shine upon my eyes.
    My faith in destiny and in god was reignited with that spark of hope.
    So yeah it's pretty good

  3. no SKINS for me yep I didn't got anything for the event
    Plus I didn't got anything for the summer games event
    What happened to overwatch
    First:how come you tubers get legendary in a row all the time
    And how come us never get anything
    Second:what happened to people's brain Like what the heck are these DVA and genji animations why do they exist.

    Third:why is widowmaker getting all the friggin SKINS

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