35 Replies to “Overwatch – DOOMFIXED! Huge Doomfist PTR Update (ABOUT TIME!)”

  1. Now i want to know why the physics seem different between Pc and Console Overwatch. On the Pc, a Doomfist rocket punch seems to carry the players momentum much further forward than on console.

  2. Still haven't fixed genjis ult hit registration called "ghost swing" and his blade not doing damage on the last swipe because it's stopped by putting the blade away… only been things since season 3 or 4

  3. Another df bug I just noticed maybe 10 minutes ago. Playing on junkertown toward the last checkpoint and used my ult. Near the defensive teams spawn. There’s this tiny set of stairs I kid you not maybe 5 small step and it didn’t register my ult on the enemy’s up the steps because I landed below the steps…

  4. Given how broken Doomfist was, I wonder if he'll need re-balancing once fixed. It's very hard to tell if a hero that doesn't function correctly will be OP or UP if they did function.

  5. Needs
    -smaller hitbox or 100 armour on top of his health or faster shield build up
    -larger punch hitbox
    -make the gun do more damage or decrease the cooldown on the abilities
    -increase run speed
    -seismic slam counter should be more forgiving
    -change seismic slams attraction to just a straight up stun effect

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