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  1. Hey guys, thanks for watching! Apologies if I sound a bit slow or worded anything in a weird way, it's getting late here but I really wanted to talk about a bunch of different stuff that has happened over the past few hours. Enjoy! /Mysca

  2. It really makes me sad that Jeff straight up said he doesn't like Widowmaker and likes Hanzo better.

    he said it in a post where people were discussing fixes to scatter arrow.

  3. why no sombra buff? yes she good when youre a god in overwatch playing with a competitive team. but who does that ? in addition she has after Doomfist the lowest pickrate.

  4. The widow grapple has plagued me for a long time, especially the wild west area in hollywood. I didn't know there was an issue with the servers occasionally dropping your original aim. That would explain a number of misses I had.

  5. 3:50
    The reason blizzard doesn't want league players to play stream with each-other in their off time is probably due to licensing issues, similar to other sports who have exclusivity deals with broadcasters.

  6. Doomfist was literally fine…. people moaning about all the bugs were retarded “he is literally unplayable, completely broken right now”…. all they did was tweak things like they did with rein, rein used to act oddly but no one complained. Only because 90% of the people that played doom were either retarded or in bronze doesn’t mean he is a bad pick. I’m not saying the changes “fixes” weren’t needed, just that everyone over reacted.
    I had a 68% win rate with him all last season and this season (roughly) and that’s having to deal with “you pick doom and I’ll throw” players. (Which I got a lot of, funny how the devs can ban toxicity but not people that literally say they will throw and then do it, a simple clip of the whole game should be able to be sent to a team dealing with bans).

  7. I imagine that OWL players are banned from group queuing on stream because it would devalue the OWL itself. Like an effort to keep the league relevant/needed. I think it'd be something along the lines of 'Will people be hyped to watch the teams play in the OWL if they've seen them all play before?' It's a stupid guess i know.

  8. The limit on where the Pros play is similar to NHL,MLB, or NBA players not being allowed to play intramural sports mixed with the NFL only allowing certain people to stream their broadcast. OWL doesn't want to lose any profit to players personal stream. OWL players are employees so I believe this restriction fair.

  9. It sounds to me like the OWL restrictions are a licensing thing. Blizzard likely want to keep control of production and distribution of OWL gameplay and as such are restricting the players so they cannot effectively form unofficial OWL matches on their own. In order to do this they have to set some limit in place and it appears they are setting that fairly low.

  10. I'm assuming without reading any other comments that the 2 pros per stream sounds like they don't want 3 or more pro players stomping around the ladder fucking up people's lives

  11. The reason for the OWL player restriction rules are to get better viewership in the actual OWL broadcasts on stream. If players are able to watch their favourite OW streamers (most of which are PROs at this point) queue with other streamers/pro players then it takes away from the experience of watch professional matches through the Overwatch league streams. Not to mention any tactics, new meta picks or teamwork strategies etc that these players may have come up with that would be spoiled to the viewers if they were simply able to watch them on stream every other day.

  12. half the comments are saying pros can't queue together – they can privately they just can't publicly stream it. Their reasoning may be that if everyone can watch all these teams scrimming on Twitch for free on any given night (that's more convenient for the viewer as they'd have multiple streams to watch from different players) watch why would people bother to watch the OWL ? It'll be exclusivity built in as part of their contracts, thus Blizzard protecting their investments and ensuring people actually watch it as the League only by restricting it in environments over which they have no control. Max revenue and repeat, retained viewership. It's always the same reasoning; it's a business.

  13. The pro pick up games (pugs) on twitch were so fun to watch.

    Pros who you normally hear getting fed up with competitive games sounded like they were having a blast.

    My guesses for why blizz stopped this…
    1. The casual nature of the conversations when 12 league players were talking on discord or 6 after the game starts could lead to leaks or some kind of problem for OWL.

    2. Blizz wants their content to be exclusive and pick up games could potentially show more exciting teams than the actual league teams.

    3. The content shown by streamers is far harder to protect from YouTubers and rebroadcasters. Compared to Blizz content.

    4. The OWL games won’t feel like special events if you can see pro OWL players compete whenever you want.

    Those are just guesses. Those arguments have a lot of holes, but together may be enough for blizz to stop pro pugs.

  14. Honestly I think Blizzard might go lax on the rules in future I think its more than likely to garner more viewership just for now to get a larger fandom for the league, players will be getting pushed to stream more as its naturally good for business. The more pros that are streaming individually would give twitch viewers a greater variety to choose from and its more likely that viewers will find a pro they like and support just for them on stream. Of course theres lots of other pros and cons too but its mainly for viewership I would say (and also to keep ladder competitive but thats something everyone knows anyway)

  15. Widow. My secret love! Have over 100 hours on her and I can tell you the one thing that pisses me off is Hanzo is a better sniper especially at range. That's insane.

  16. every time i play widow i get compliments from the enemy team while my team is flaming me! its so annoying ppl start throwing right at the start as soon as i pick widow and i thought thats only a console thing -.- i get flamed with kill the phara (which has a mercy stick to her ass) and the enemy diva pushes me… while the junk on my team dont notice that soldier would be great to help against the annoying phara

  17. I think Blizzard's goal is to give OWL the overhaul necessary to have it compete with traditional sports.  Since these teams and players are paid to play together in OWL, preventing them from playing with other team's players will legitimize the teams more.  Unit Lost goes into this in a bit more detail, but it makes a bit more sense to me when looked at from this standpoint.

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