20 Replies to “Overwatch – Doomfist 2.0”

  1. Blizzard really screwed the pooch with Doomfist and has made many hybrid puppies that, as a collective, are the competitive mode today. Also, I think doomfist needs a buff beyond just bug fixes. The hitbox needs to be bigger. Somewhere between where it was and where it's now.

  2. I've been waiting for doomfist to feel playable for a bit now so it's very encouraging to see the devs take this information and act on it so quickly. Excited to see where he goes and when he becomes more balanced! Doomfist +1 for sure!

  3. Doomfist 0 , never really got to grips with his style of play, I end up with more deaths on Doomfist than any other character, my fault really because I can't get to grip with his gameplay style, bugs certainly don't help but this doesn't alter the way in which he is used and therefore won't tempt me to play any more than I already do.

  4. Blizzard is FINALLY looking at Doomfist !? Are we in an alternate universe ?
    I'm glad that they're finally doing something about him, but even with these fixes, he's still not going to be where he needs to be. They're making his abilities more consistent which was one of his biggest problems. However, he still needs to have his Rocket Punch hitbox fixed as well, or he'll remain underpowered and in a bad state despite the fixes.

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