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  1. Eh, I'm a diamond Soldier main on console. Widow is not unusable on console Sty, I've seen Widow mains that pop off and get head shot after head shot. There are actually several widow mains in Top 500 in console. In taking down a Pharah, it is not that hard on console. If your a good hitscan it is easy. You can demolish a Pharah. Console and PC isn't as different as most people think the two platforms are.

  2. "I don't care if zarya is charged, bomb the hell out of her" Fine advice provided the zarya is mentally handicapped. Getting 40 charge off Rat you can then beam at 133DPS, good luck surviving as rat if they can track

  3. ok so i know this is a little off topic but i need some advice. i play overwatch on xbox and i've been given the chance to play pc. so should i fully move over to pc or should i primarily stay on xbox? i think pc is better gameplay wise (better aiming and less shit happening overall). but i don't want to completely move away from xbox because i've spent multiple loot boxes and have over a year of cosmetics stocked up. i'd hate to completely start from scratch in the skin department but playing on pc is gonna be so much smoother and better for the game.

  4. 5:51 Finally, I have some confirmation of this tactic. Whenever I am playing a game (on console also), I always pop their shields and then call for my team to focus the Zarya by saying 'Focus Zarya. No Shield'. However, everyone just gives me crap about it even though the Zarya almost always die.

  5. Console (at least ps4) currently has no active communication and that is due to party chat and live streaming. So turning off voice chat is good but to have some that isn't tilted when the rare occurrence of communication happens is rare unto itself.

    To be perfectly honest I was hoping that higher up would be better but I'm in lower gold and that top 500 game looked exactly like my Sr 2000 game which are supposed to be leagues apart.

    I could be biased but I normally know what I do wrong mechanically however in terms of proper ultimate usage I'm terrible.

    Currently I'd say a more proper in game chat is needed on console because it is virtually nonexistent. I play Ana but without proper communication I'm going off of blind faith that my team isn't dying as I take pot shots at the enemy.

    If you find competitive frustrating on PC at least remember that at least your teams actually communicate. Console we have to use good judgement and assume everyone is playing their worst which is a really bad thought process to have in my opinion.

    Hopefully this message gets to you but I believe that was one of our best games but it had the potential to be so much because as you saw only one member was effectively communicating. And that is bad on so many levels. Its probably why I went from near platinum to near gold because I could not communicate effectively.

    It certainly is something I want looked at as I just recently bought Overwatch with the sole purpose of being a competitive player but as it stands I'm not really able to do that.

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