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  1. An actualy review on this:
    The animation is amazing, as per usual. The pacing is a bit too fast, though. Even with this being PlayOverwatch's longest short, it seems like there wasn't enough time to really get everything to sail through properly. "Okay goodnight. Wow that's a lot of data, how long were we asleep? 9 years? Oh geez everyone's dead, I should get to the top of that tower-SNOWBALL NO!" It's just a bit too quick. The part where she wakes up and starts to make everyone coffee/tea, though? Really nice.
    Another problem with this is the music. The music will just randomly start and end. At 0:39 music randomly starts and ends in a place where it's actually pretty unnecessary. Sometimes the music is too loud compared to the dialogue and etc.
    Otherwise, very good, but probably not their best work 🙂

  2. Great animation 10/10 and I'm not putting it down I am simply pointing it out… that all the other heroes hearts had stopped (3:06) BECAUSE THEY WERE CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN. your heart does not continue to beat when you are cryogenically frozen, it stops and then is started again when you are unfrozen.

  3. Lesson Learned: Remember that when the night is dark, the sun will always shine (and by that, I mean in your darkest hours, you must endure, for it will soon fade and light shall prevail).

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