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  1. CAN YOU MAKE YOUR NEXT PLAYER ADD ON, TWINS. DO TWO ADDED PLAYERS AT ONCE. it has a lot of possibilities. But they gotta be opposite, which would make them work well together, because they’ll be strong where the other is weak. And they both have individual supers, but if both are selected at the same time, they can do a combined super that adds extra power. Like, just in case no one is in the chat, one twin can select a button that notifies the other player the option to do the twin super. If it is accepted, then they can do it when together. If it is denied, the ask button can’t be used again for another 2 minutes or until the denying person respawns. Lol. Ok. That’s all. My mind just thought of this and I thought it would be cool lol. 😂 It’s me again 😂 this the last one though. Copied and pasted from ig lol. Please and thank you again 😋

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