1. This video is filled with fucking comedy gold. The stupid beyond belief flaming combine with Tyler's reactions.
    Small kid vs edgy teen trying to impress a girl who doesn't give a fuck and is more alpha than them.

    Filled with such amazing lines as:
    "I'm 13, I don't even have hormones."
    "You're not gay, I can tell by how you speak."
    "My mom is probably a virgin."
    "Shut your cooking mouth."
    "I'm rich. I have 5000 dollars."
    "Cause your a faggot. Faggots don't exist in nature."
    Tyler: "Get me out! Get me the fuck out!"

  2. Hahah i watch this every Month so fuking funny.whats actually funny is too is that this girls main mercy with only point and klick you dont aim you press one button and they do like pro plays

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